How To Use Amazon SES With News Letter

There is a ongoing discussion here on implementing SES integration for the newsletter.

Most people do not really want just SES, they also want the dkim facility.

This really is the simplest way to do it.


Go to wp-config.php and put in the following


* WordPress SMTP server – Configured at Amazon SES


define(‘WP_SMTP_HOST’, ’’:wink:;

define(‘WP_SMTP_PORT’, 465); // obligatory – default: 25

define(‘WP_SMTP_ENCRYPTION’, ‘tls’:wink:; // obligatory: ‘tls’ or ‘ssl’ – default: no encryption

define(‘WP_SMTP_USER’, ‘SES Credentials’:wink:; // obligatory – default: no user

define(‘WP_SMTP_PASSWORD’, ‘SES Credentials’:wink:; // obligatory – default: no password


This ensures that wordpress now uses your Amazon SES credentials to send out emails.

Change your nameservers to use AWS servers. Once this is done you will have to setup dkim settings. The help is out there for everyone.

Once the DKIM settings are verified by Amazon(usually within 24 hours) all your emails from your wordpress install will automatically be dkim signed and no other setting is necessary.

you may use similar settings for newsletter plugin