How to Use Appointments Plus for Auto Repair Shops

Hi Everyone,

I’m really liking the potential of appointments plus but I’m trying to figure out how I can use it for an auto repair shop.

Would each service provider be a mechanic and then create each service that is provided, such as oil changes, tire rotation, tune-up, inspection, etc etc.

I’m just curious as to how this could work and looking for some feedback from other members in the community (as well as anyone from wpmudev)

Can you assign a certain amount of time to each service?

For instance, if an oil change takes 30 minutes and a tire change takes 60 minutes is this possible to configure the time on a service by service level?

Also, I’m assuming that the plugin will keep track of all available and unavailable time slots?

Could you use generic mechanic names, such as Mechanic 1, Mechanic 2, Mechanic 3 and so on and so forth encase mechanics don’t want their real names used online (frankly I would just make one up)

Again, if anyone who has experience with the plugin can help me out I would greatly appreciate it.