How to use Appointments+ to track resources

I have installed the module and am interested in setting up a system for people to rent golf carts. I have 20 carts of type A and 10 of type B. People can rent for the day 9-5 or for 24 hours. It seems that when I try to set this up if someone wants to rent a cart they are not asked how many they want to rent. Is it possible to set up this module to work in that manner?:

  • Patrick
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    Hi @cslane99,

    No. Appointments+ allows your users to book by intervals of time with service providers. Not by quantity of services.

    Our MarketPress plugin may be more suited to this use-case. You can create "products" like these examples:

    Golf cart "A" 9-5
    Golf cart "A" 24 hours
    Golf cart "B" 9-5
    Golf cart "B" 24 hours

    Customers can then select the number and type of Golf carts they wish to purchase upon checkout. You would need to simply reset your inventory for each every day.

    Alternatively, you could wait for another mind-blowing product that we have in the works. But I can't say any more :slight_smile:

    Hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:

  • cslane99
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    If you are referring to Bookings+ I am DYING for it but can't get an answer of when it will be available. Can you tell me what an approx time frame would be? Otherwise I'm going to end up finding another solution since Events+, Appointments+ and MarketPress don't seem to do what I need.

    Because this is so time sensitive and people may be booking month in the future I can't really just reset the inventory daily. I'm trying each plugin to see if I can bend the usage until a more suitable plugin is available.

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