How to use blog path in the invite message?


I see that the invite plugin default text invites the user to the mainsite of the multisite. We need to however to directly the user to the blog-site and not the mainsite. How can we do this so that the blog-url shows up automatically in the invitation? I tested BLOG_PATH and it did not work in the invitation message set-up.

– Anne

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi, Anne!

    I’m happy to add a feature request here! Currently Invite isn’t quite set up to handle this, and it’s one of our older plugins, so it’s not as simple to do a few quick edits like it would be with some of our more recent plugins.

    Let’s also ask our second level support team if they have some ideas here, just in case I’m overlooking a simple way to do this. I’ll flag them, and they’ll swing through as soon as they can. Our second level team is usually pretty busy, so sometimes it can take just a bit longer to hear from them, but they’ll be through ASAP.

    Thanks for your question, I think this would be a very handy tool for users who are using Invite.

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