How to use BuddyDev snippet to Exclude Users? - BuddyDev Article

I entered the first code snippet as is into my bp-custom.php. The only change I made was in the $excluded_user line

The exact code that I entered was below:

function bpdev_exclude_users($qs=false,$object=false){
//list of users to exclude

$excluded_user='1';//comma separated ids of users whom you want to exclude

if($object!='members')//hide for members only
return $qs;


//check if we are listing friends?, do not exclude in this case
return $qs;



return $qs;


For some reason, all of the code just appeared at the top of my homepage, obviously signaling that there was some error. Is there something else that I need to modify into the above code? Have I done something wrong?