How to use Buddypress templates on sub sites

I registered with you today and paid for the $79/mth deal (Susan Hruza).

I have a site setup and working with WPMU and buddypress. I'm using several of your plugins including your 'Business' template. (

On the master blogsite, everything is OK. However when I offer the same template option as used on the master site, for sub-blogs, there's a problem.
On the master site, the template somehow pulls in extra menu items (additional to the pages) which are "Activity" and "Community"....then drop-downs under Community are members-groups-forums-blogs

That all works fine on the master blog site, but when a user selects that template for a sub-site, it also pulls in those extra menu items, but the links don't work. When clicked on, they pull a 'page not found' error.

So how do I use the same template for sub-sites, and either get those links to work, or drop the extra menu items altogether (preferred) ?


Carl Hruza