How to Use Dashboard Plugins


Sorry for the elementary questions..... I am just learning so please excuse me.

I have read the installation instructions, as well as, the forums and still have a few questions as to how to get these up and operating.

What I am gathering is that you have to go into the coding to first, activate the widget(s) so it displays under Appearance> widgets. Also, you must edit the coding for placement on the dashboard?

How exactly do I use the widget order plugin to get a widget to appear under Appearance> widgets?
Where do I go to utilize the custom dashboard plugin? How do I use it?
Same for Dashboard Feeds... Where do I locate it? How do I use it?

All your help is so greatly appreciated!!!!

Thank You!

  • Mason
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    Hiya mcannova,

    No worries about the questions. We're here to help! :smiley:

    The confusion here (and it's easy to do) is that there are the widgets under Appearance>Widgets, but the items that display when you click on the 'Dashboard' link are also called widgets. By default you probably have 2 columns with separate 'boxes' that display information about the site. These are also referred to as Widgets and are what this plugin is meant to help you with.

    Let us know if you need further help!


  • mcannova
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    Ah! Ok! So we are talking about the widgets inside the dashboard....

    Still a little confused as to how to use it? I see the custom content box in my dashboard..... How do I use it? Where do I go to input the information that I want to show?

    Also, where do you go to edit the other boxes in the dashboard? ( same place as above )

    I am assuming that the by using the order plugin I can just drag and drop the boxes accordingly.

    One more question??? Sorry:slight_smile:

    What file or where do I go to input the Dashboard Feeds?

    Once Again, Thank you so Much!

  • Mason
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    HIya mcannova,

    You're looking at two separate plugins I believe.

    the Custom Content Dashboard Widget:

    the Dashboard Widget Order:

    I can't stress enough that reading through those pages (and the installation & usage instructions which are linked to in the right-hand sidebar on each of those pages) will help get ya up to speed very quickly.

    For instance, the Dashboard Widget Order explains how to use completely with screenshots:

    And the Custom Content Dashboard Widget provides you with a quick step-by-step usage scenario:

    After you've read through those and given it a shot, please do come back and ask us for clarification on anything that's still unclear. :smiley:


    *Edit* Same goes for the Dashboard feed plugin:

  • Faithe76
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    Hi all,

    As I was just installing the Custom Content Dashboard Widget, I was wondering the same as mcannova

    Still a little confused as to how to use it? I see the custom content box in my dashboard..... How do I use it? Where do I go to input the information that I want to show?

    The Instructions and Use page for this plugin does not go into any detail about where to go to manage the plugin once you have it installed. If you could tell me the answer to this question, I sure would appreciate it! I'm sure I can nose around a bit through the admin panels, but it would be much easier if it was stated in the Instructions and Use page. Just a suggestion!!

    Thanks a ton!


  • DavidM
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    Hello Faithe,

    And to whomever else this might help. For the Custom Content Dashboard Widget, you'll need to place your custom content in the plugin file itself and while the instructions do state this, they actually make it just a tidbit tougher than needed.

    Assuming you've already got the plugin installed, you can simply navigate in your admin area to the Plugins section, find the Custom Content Dashboard Widget in your plugins list and select Edit. You'll be taken to the plugin editor where you can find the following area of the plugin code.

    You can place whatever you want after that "custom content goes here" message, as you can see I've done in this next image where I've placed "Hello World!".

    If you'd like, you can alter the default title for this Dashboard widget just a few lines above all that where it reads "Custom Content". Just replace that piece of text with whatever you want the widget to be called.

    Press the Update File button and you should now see your new widget in the Dashboard area!

    It might help to know that one of the great benefits of going straight to the code like this is that you can place PHP and Javascript code in their, which means you can have whatever type of content you set your mind to!

    Hope that helps!


  • Faithe76
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    David M,

    Thank you, thank you! Sorry to be so slow. Wow, I feel stupid. As I was reading through the Installation and Use Instructions and got to the "Note:" about upgrading from an older version, I just assumed that the instructions below it referred to upgrading the plugin -- especially since I was expecting to find a way to edit the widget inside the Admin area.

    Thanks being helpful even though I clearly missed the obvious.


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