How to use front-end checkout with Pro Sites?

The Pro Sites description page says it has an option to allow front-end checkout, but I can't seem to figure out how to make that work. I've tried the option of using wp-signup.php?Pro+Site=1 or wp-signup.php?pro-site=1 (I've seen both mentioned in different places), but nothing looks any different. I can go through the signup process and never see any option to pay. There is the option for "Would you like to upgrade this site to Pro?" and I selected "I'm interested" but I still never see any way to pay during the checkout process. I've enabled "Pay to Blog" and that prevents the site from actually working when I sign up, but there still is no way to pay. I must be missing something or something must be wrong.

Just to explain what I want, ideally, it's for users to come to the site where I explain the paid service, they click "Order Now" to sign up, they create an account and pay, then they're taken to a thank you page with information about their site. I don't want to offer a free level, and I don't want users to be able to sign up for a username. So that's the end goal.

At the moment, however, I'm testing things and there's no way to pay even if I wanted to. I don't know what's wrong. Can you please help?


  • aecnu

    Greetings Todd,

    Thank you for the great question.

    First and foremost finish configuring the plugin, you can remove the option in the code for just the user name option, and there is indeed a point where they must pay before they can use the site they created.

    As told in a different post by the WPMU DEV lead developer the which I cannot seem to find right now :slight_frown: that the end user must create a blog/site first so the system knows which site/blog to credit the payment.

    Please advise that you are able to accomplish this as described above.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Todd Heitner


    Thanks for the response. I'm not sure what you mean by

    First and foremost finish configuring the plugin

    I have tried to configure it, it's just not working as expected. There is never any option for making payment.

    I'm OK with it letting you choose your username and password first as long as the next step is to make payment, but that doesn't happen. It just says the site has been created. But of course it can't be accessed because Pay to Blog is enabled and it gives a message about needing to pay first - although there was no way to do so.

    You said:

    you can remove the option in the code for just the user name option

    Are you referring to editing the wp-signup.php file (or a copy of it)? I saw a post about that and will try that.

    At this point my main concern is just that there is no way for a user to make a payment. I've even tried a couple different gateways. There is just no step in the signup process for making payment. There should be, right? What could be wrong?


  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi Todd,

    There is just no step in the signup process for making payment. There should be, right? What could be wrong?

    I'm not 100% on this, hopefully Joe @aecnu can chime in,

    But due to the way Wordpress creates the site and how the PayPal API handles it + the plugin, it needs a site ID to credit the payment to, of course it can't do that till the site is created, once the site is created, your users then would go to the pro site page or whatever you have called it to pay before they can access the admin.

    But I don't believe that the workflow goes sign-up and pay in one step, it involves a separate step. I.e rather than going through a multi-page sign-up process where everything is handled in one step so to speak, it's separate.

    One way around it that you may want to try is by using Gravity forms, even though it's expensive (developer which you would need, is $199). You can create a custom sign up form you want and get it to only create the site when payment is completed.

    Another way is, you could use Gravity forms and pro sites to create a more custom and complex solution but that would require custom coding.

    Hope this helps :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards
    Jack (Coding-Monkey).

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi Todd,

    Thanks for the URL, I've just tested the sign-up process.

    It worked how it should for me, sign up with the user account.

    .Select gimmie a site!

    .Fill in Site details

    .User registration is complete.

    .Click log-in

    .Once logged in, choose either normal or easy mode.

    .Then i get sent to the checkout screen to pay with my card to activate the blog.

    I believe, even though I'm not 100% on this, that's the correct workflow for how this plugin works, I've used it on a few sites and that's how it always has worked for me.

    I can entirely see what you mean, with that you want/need the next step to be payment, but I'm afraid that just isn't how this plugin, Wordpress or the in my case the PayPal API handles it.
    As I've said I now use Gravity Forms for the signup process as it allows (in my opinion) better customization of the checkout without so much hard coding needing to be done.
    Saying that, I still love pro sites and I still use it, I use both of them at the same time, Gravity forms to handle the signup process and Pro Sites to handle the upgrades etc.


    Kind Regards
    Jack (Coding-Monkey).

  • Todd Heitner

    Thanks for looking at it. The thing is, the plugin says it does "front-end checkout". To me that means without logging in. I would think it means during the signup process.

    I understand that it may be necessary to have users create a username first. While it's not what I'd prefer, I can probably live with it for now. But I don't want them to have to sign in before they can pay. It just is not a good setup from a sales perspective. It will lose a lot of sales.

    My impression is there should be a way to incorporate the payment into the actual signup process. I don't know what else "front-end checkout" could mean.

  • aecnu

    Greetings Todd and Jack,

    @Jack thank you for your continued input here, it is valuable and helpful.

    @Todd As I have dealt with thousands of members here in the forums in the going on two years when I started my membership and then became part of the staff a year ago, it boils down to interpretation.

    Nothing more can be constructively said to that statement and this is indeed the intended use of the plugin and Jack has indeed described the intended use and interpretation - the new member indeed did not have to log into the dashboard.

    If not logged into the dashboard there is only one other place they could possibly be - in the middle end? ... lol ... just joking but I am sure you see my point.

    Please do not get me wrong, I do sincerely appreciate your perspective, but this is indeed the way it is.

    However, being that the plugin is GPL and it is not encrypted, you can custom code it any way you desire sir to perform in the manner you desire - nothing is preventing this from being done.

    Thank you both for your great perspectives and for being WPMU DEV Community Members!

    Cheers, Joe

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