How to use Frontend Marketpress with Prosite? Confused.

Ok after all the work I have done on my site since April. I couldn't figure out how to use the cookie cutter blogging for my members.

I found the TT frontend management by Theme Tailors. I followed their step by step instructions. I got it up-

However it's not working with the Prosite, which I need for the members to register to pay monthly or yearly.

Can someone please help me? What do I need to do, how do I get them to be able to work together?
I know that I have to go onto my site and make changes to all the work I did previously because I have duplicates now.

Here is a posting that I found:


Just saw that the plugin is now featured on


  • Mason
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    Hiya @militarymama

    Can you be more specific? Exactly what isn't working?

    As you noted, the Front End plugin is created by a third party (whom we love for doing it, but have no direct affiliation with).

    If Pro Sites works before that plugin is installed, but then fails afterwords you'd need to ask them about what can be done.

    Again, if you give us more details and it's something that happens outside the front-end posting plugin, we'll be able to assist and get this sorted for ya.


  • militarymama
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    Mason, can I give you my FTP and WP so you can look at it to see what i'm doing wrong? I would need e-mail address if that's a possibility,

    I'm so overwhelmed. I don't want to give up I have come to far with all that I have done. Of course with all you guys help.

    I'm trying to get my click on header buttons to say create your own market and market admin- I don't want register store and feedback.

    I know that I have to focus on PROSITE first. But thought it needed to be under Create your own market.



  • Mason
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    Hiya @militarymama,

    No need to get overwhelmed or throw in the towel that I can see :slight_smile:

    I still don't know what the problem is though. Can you describe what's going wrong?

    Maybe give me the steps to recreate the issue or tell me what the desired outcome is for Pro Sites. That would be helpful.

    We'll get there. Thanks!

  • militarymama
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    Ok if you go to my site now, with the TT frontend the prosites isn't working, however I love the way the front end works and makes it easy for the new user.

    The prosite is already added as a plugin, but I can't get it up for some reason. It used to work but I hated the way the new member would have to go through all the steps to get their site up. It was too difficult for the stay at home mom, who is not a tech person. I didn't want them to have to go through what I have been since April.


    What used to happen was they would register for their site

    Then receive and e-mail to log into their site

    But when they went to log in they would have a choice of opening a monthly store our yearly store package

    Then it would allow them to begin the site set up (This was too confusing for stay at home moms or people who are not tech savvy)

    That's why I decided to buy the ThemeTailors Frontend package package, as it is super easy for the new store owner to add items.

    Now they just register to open up a store and are not given the option of having to pay a monthly or yearly fee they are able to list their new store products right away.

    I can give you the access if you need to look around and check it out, maybe there is something else that I have to do to get that back.


  • Mason
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    Hiya Rhonda,

    Thanks for the additional information. That was really helpful. The issue here is that normally Pro Sites determines the link to the payment page the first time the user hits the wp-admin.

    I signed up with a test site on your network and never was redirected to the admin (of course, as you're using the TT Frontend plugin). Consequently, I was never taken to the payment page. It's worth noting I also was not able to find a way to create a product.

    The Pro Sites link is dynamically created using the Site ID of the new site. So for the site 'mason' the link is here:

    If you're not going to send folks to the admin, you need to send them to the above link (with their own blogID, not 32). This isn't something we can create for you here. You'd need to hire a developer to code that for you.

    Sorry there's not more we can do for you here, but with the above a competent developer should be able to provide you with the function you need.


  • militarymama
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    Ok it looks like the Prosite works with the Frontend. It doesn't give the option as the first they see before they begin to enter products, however when they go to list their products they receive the package (Level) page. Yippee!

    But I'm getting this when we try to purchase something from the store, see attached:

    Am I supposed to put the new registration's paypal email? Is there a way to set it automatically?

    I'm almost there. Please help.

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick


    Looks like you're using the chained gateway here. Paypal can't split the payment up and then send it to the same email. Each sub-site needs to have the individual store owner's paypal address entered under Products>Store Settings>Payments.

    There's no way to "automatically" set it. Folks may have a different email address that they use for PayPal than they do when signing up for a site so it's probably best to allow them to enter it separately.

    Glad the Pro Sites and frontend elements are working for you!

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