How to use Post Indexer to only grab blog posts from Supporter Blogs

I'm trying to use post indexer to only grab blog posts from supporter blogs and I can't figure out a way to do it.

Is there a table that I would be able to check to basically say

If the blog that posted this is a supporter blog, then grab it, if not, leave it alone.

This way we can display only supporter blogs on our main site with Recent Global Posts and we can create a Supporter only feed, with Recent Global Posts Feed.

  • DavidM

    Hiya Rich,

    In thinking through it, doing this through Post Indexer would entail that if a Supporter's status as Supporter ceases (ie. they don't pay), their existing feeds remain while new Supporters would only get posts indexed from after the point at which they became Supporters.

    I'm guessing that might be the preferred way you'd like it all to work, but just thought I'd mention it in case you didn't realize that.

    That said, while it ultimately would be possible, it's quite a complex undertaking. On line 283 of post-indexer.php you'll see the foreach loop where the terms throughout the network are being tested and inserted int he database.

    You might be able to use switch_to_blog() and is_supporter() in that section but it's an incredible resource heavy process in consideration.

    I think Mason's method in your previous post really is the optimal method of doing this. While it would keep non-Supporters from having an RSS feed, it's by far less intensive on resources and is just deadly simple to setup.