How to use protect content on groups I create

Hello; I wanted to know how I can protect a group I created for my website. So I have certain pages that I have protected through protect content and I believe that is going to work fine for what I am doing; however, this came up when I was working on my Website. First, how do I make my group on my website a paid group using protect content? Or would I have to use membership to get this accomplished? Secondly, how do I get this group once it's protected to also have access to the other protected content membership I created? In other words, I have a membership that cost 15 dollars for my user, and for the colleges, it will be 500 to get access to the same membership the users pay 15 a month for? I can't wait for the response! You guys have been really good to me and I really appreciate your answers! I also really enjoy the short videos that you send me because it makes it easier since I am visual learner! Thank you.

P.S. My website is for athletes and universities who want to recruit these athletes. The way they will do this is through video. The athlete places their information on the profile and videos of them preforming and the coaches and academic recruiters will have access to see the users information and videos to try to recruit them to their university. I would love to be able to have different information for the coach/ recruiter's profile. Like the name of the university and whatever they need to show to prove who they are. I already have a plugin that will allow me to add a verified button on their profile but I would like them to have other questions. Do you know by chance how I can do this as well as what I ask in the request? thank you again!