How to use recent posts?

My wordpress multisite at need grab recent post from and other in network. After i installed Post Indexer + Recent Posts, I update web and It not show anything on

PS. Actually i try Autoblog but i have 2 problem 1. autoblog cann't use feature image 2. i don't need to have 2 post (on Main site & Sub site) i need show title & image when somebody click link it will go to post.

This is my idea (some member here :stuck_out_tongue: How to do like this, when click to image/post it go to real post at website in network.

  • aecnu

    Greetings metoo55 :slight_smile:

    I am not quite certain why you chose recent posts to what I am understanding that you want to do similar like this site at

    My observations:

    I can see first of all see that he is probably using a gallery type theme and absolutely using a redirect from the main site to a directory sub site.

    The main site appears to be composed with one theme and the sub site is with another.

    He may just be doing this simply by using the Infinite SEO Plugin using the redirect thereof combined with creating a post on the front end with the photo or feature image and redirecting to the post on the sub site.

    To really know if he is using Recent Posts for this effect you would think there would be evidence of other sub sites - in which at least at this time there is not any evidence to support this conclusion.

    If I am missing the point please feel free to un-mark this ticket as resolved and add your welcomed input.

    If we can be of further assistance please let us know.

    Joe :slight_smile:

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