How to use "Remove Email Verification and Set password" features in Multisite with Buddypr

I use multisite with buddypress with antisplog activated, I am looking for a solution to auto activate and login without email verification and using desired selected password. Is there any way to do these two actions in a compatible way in multisite with buddypress.

  • thinkcadd
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    Hi@rohmann, i'm afraid to use any plugins outside wpmudev. Now I have activated 'set password ' and remove email verification plugins, as I have activated buddypress with multi site , for some reasons the 'set password 'is not honouring, but its generating a random password, but still its auto logging to site and I can use reset password also. Still looking for any updates or custom coding in these 2 wpmudev plugins that supports buddypress too.
    Else advice me with these 2 plugins activated,can I still use bp_diasble-activation plugin.
    Many thanks

  • Alexander
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    Hey @thinkcadd,

    I'm sorry about the delay here. "Set password" and "Remove email verification" are actually not BuddyPress compatible plugins.

    BuddyPress provides much of it's own registration process, and this even happens when Multisite is used.

    You shouldn't have these plugins for a BuddyPress site, and will need to look at other options to get the same functionality. I'm afraid we don't have this available at WPMU DEV though. :slight_frown: undergoes a pretty decent code review process. As long as you're choosing plugins that are known to be compatible with the current version of WordPress and BuddyPress, you should be ok using plugins from there.

    If you have any issues using plugins, let us know and we can take a look for you.

    Best regards,

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