How to use subdomains as filters? MU


I am developing a site using subdomains MU, and works perfectly.

This site will be a kind of directory, what I need and do not know if possible, is that i can use some subdomains in order to make such a filter. ej take the subdomain and display only the sites in this area in the main blog (i already have the filter and so), is this possible?

Thanks in advance

  • Barry
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    Interesting project - are you thinking of directing all the sub-domains to a single site and then filtering content, or using separate blogs / sites and pulling in the relevant information?

    Both are "do-able", though the choice will determine the solution of course.

  • uakami
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hi Barry thanks.

    The second one, use the main site as a directory of user sites, but having the ability to use certain subdomains to filter the directory.

    let's say use the main template and the user details template.

    I know this can be solved by creating as many sites as subdomains needed ( and assign the main template and do the filter, but I want to avoid having 100 blogs / sites and their respective tables.

    Maybe using rewrite rules?

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