How to use Terms of Service plugin on a page?


I'm new to Wordpress-mu so I hope this makes some kind of sense.

The Terms of Service plugin page says "There is also a function available to place the TOS on a page on your main blog."

Two questions about that:

1) How do you do it? I assume we have to put something like: get_site_option('signup_tos_data') into a page, but what's the syntax to put code like that on a page? Do we need the ExecPHP plugin or something similar for that? Can it include HTML/CSS tags?

2) When it says "a page on your main blog" does it mean that literally? Is there any way to make the TOS appear on a page on every blog?

We really don't need the sign-up aspect of this plugin.

I'm really looking for a way to have one single copy of a document, like terms of service, privacy policy or similar document with legal requirements. I need to maintain that document in a single place (database or text file, I don't care) and have it appear as a page in all of the blogs.

I don't even know if this plugin is a good starting point for my problem, but it sounded promising.

Thanks for any advice.