How to use text change in Branding plugin

I have just learned that Ultimate Branding has options to change text on a site. This is amazing and the best thing since sliced bread in my opinion. I just hate using POEDIT, awful thing to edit.

BUT.. I have found some difficulties with using the branding options as well. Specifically targeting a particular word used within a function, like on a button. The domain field to narrow it down doesn't appear to be any help.

Here is an example: On this site there is a button to ADD A BUSINESS NOW to the directory listings. I tried to change that to say ADD A MEDIATION NOW with branding but can not get that to work.

I am not sure how to target the location it is in using the option to do so. Have tried a few urls but had no luck. Likewise that term used globally has no effect either.

How do I do this please?