How to Use the Additional Tags Plugin

Hello Again!

I am trying to locate where the additional tags plugin operates in the admin panel? Is it under posts, Insert More Tag (Alt+Shift+T)?

If not could you please advise me where to find it?

  • Mason

    Hiya mcannova,

    I would like to be able to embed widgets from widgetbox, which currently are not supported in wordpress unless you use a plugin like the one we are discussing.

    You'll need to add the tags that are provided to you by widgetbox. I believe they have both a javascript and flash embed method, so you'll need to choose one and then copy the code. Paste it into a document somewhere and you'll be able to see which tags are used (for instance the 'script' or 'object' tags).

    The plugin provides you with a default set of tags as an example. Just open up the additional_tags.php file and modify it to include only the tags you want.

    As drmike noted above, we'd definitely recommend using caution and advise against providing the ability to embed javascript into a site that has open registrations.

    Hope this helps!