How to view queue on Batch Create

I am using Batch Create and I've imported a test .csv file that I made from the the test.csv file that comes with the plugin.

The first time I tried it out I forgot to save as a csv and attempted to import an xls file. After I did that it gave me a link to view the queue and run it, but after I tried importing a csv file I only see "Items added to queue" and two links: "Clear the log file" & "View the log file".

How do I view the queue so I can run it?

Also at the bottom of the Batch Create settings page, there's a sentence: "You can clear the queue by clicking on the link 'here' in 'you can clear the queue by clicking here.'" as if there should be a link, but it's just text.

Lemme know


PS. I have Batch Create installed, but I have to install your plugins via FTP client because we use SFTP. Maybe that's why it's not an option to select that plugin while posting this question, so I'll just put this under another plugin I use.

PPS. I use a plugin so I can import/export/install plugins from the dashboard using SFTP, but the plugin doesn't work with your plugins. Can we look forward to SFTP support?

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi @Jacob311

    I moved this topic to the correct forum :slight_smile:

    This is what I see immediately after uploading a CSV file with 2 entries (screenshot). Please try creating a new test CSV file to import.

    As for SFTP support, I'll pass the request on to our developers.

  • Jacob311
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Ya I don't see that line that starts with "Note:..."

    I am going to delete the plugin and try reinstalling it.

    Thank you for moving this to the correct forum.

    What browser/platform are you using? I was in Chrome on a Mac.

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey


    Chrome on a Mac does seem to be a source of no small headaches lately in WordPress. But I honestly have no idea why (I'm no coder by anyone's standards, lol).

    I usually stick with my trusty, yet sometimes sluggish, Firefox (just 'cos I prefer Firebug for checking things out). Also on a Windoze8 machine.

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