How useful is Defender compared to popular free security plugins?

Hi there,

I installed Defender for the first time, and I enjoy the simple interface and easy to understand tools. However, it feels pretty bare bones compared to other security plugins. In particular, I was previously using this one:

And I love it because of the sheer number of hardening features it offers.

Do you think Defender is sufficient enough in keeping WordPress secure with only the few hardening features it currently offers? Are there plans to beef it up with a lot more features like the All in One WP Security plugin has?

I definitely want to keep using Defender, but it may not be my go to plugin with its current offering.

Any insights are welcome. Thanks!

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello markcy,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I'm glad that you like our Defender and it's User Interface. Yes, it's still relatively "barebone" in comparison to other popular tools however please note that it's also quite "young" :slight_smile:

    We're constantly developing it and I'm sure there'll be new features added in future, though I must admit that I'm not able to share any insights on this. It's worth noting though that Defender is mostly a "hardening" plugin with an extended "monitoring" (Audit Logging) feature and scanning against malicious code on a file level (!) rather than a "firewall" etc. As such it gives a powerful protection and does its job really well in my personal opinion :slight_smile:

    I think though that as long as the features don't duplicate nothing stands in a way to use it along other security tools at the same time.

    Best regards,

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