How users create a site from ProSite & assign them a specific contents and template

I have created a multisite and I using ProSites plug in to handle user levels. I have two levels which is Silver and Gold.

I want my users when they create a site will automatically assign them a specific contents for instance like theme,pages and menu depending the ProSite levels .

For example the Silver level’s menu is about me, join us & contact us etc….. and pages is 2,4,6.

Gold level’s menu is about feature, about company, join us and pages is 1,3,5.

P/s : The theme did not change it doesn’t matter(I can using default theme plug in to achieve it ) but the important thing is the contents ( menu and the pages ) ,I want Silver level have the specific Silver level’s contents and Gold level have the Gold level’s contents. How to determine which level should have which contents.


  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey twmal,

    Hope you’re doing well today and thanks for your question!

    The way New Blog Templates works is that is applies the template during site creation, so once a site is created you can no longer apply a template to it.

    With selecting levels, the user has to have the site already created in order to upgrade to silver or gold.

    You could use our multisite content copier plugin and whenever someone upgrades to silver or gold then you can copy them over the respective pages/posts etc. keep in mind this will have to be a manual copy done on your end, but still much easier than creating all the pages.

    As for the menus, you can include all the menus in the original New Blog Template then when the user goes to silver or gold then they can just select the “silver” or “gold” menu from their Appearance > Menus. Before they are actually that level it will just sort of be a teaser for them because without being that level I’m assuming they won’t have the pages/features that go along with those menu items anyway :slight_smile:

    How does that sound twmal? I’m more than happy to discuss further ideas on this with you. Look forward to hearing back!

    All the best,


  • twmal
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi Tylor,

    Thanks for your reply and your suggestion,I think your suggestion is a great idea, but my client needs all is automation ,start from when the user make a payments become as a Silver level or Gold level members, the contents and the menu is need to ready over there.If need to copy the contents manually i think it’s not my purpose right now.

    Do you have any idea for this ?

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi there, twmal! Hope you’re well today.

    Right now, I’m not sure we can create a way to totally automate the process Tyler described above, but I’m happy to mark it as a feature request. I know there are a few great feature requests being considered for ProSites, and this would be a great addition.

    Thanks, twmal!

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