How users create a site from ProSite & assign them a specific contents and template

I have created a multisite and I using ProSites plug in to handle user levels. I have two levels which is Silver and Gold.

I want my users when they create a site will automatically assign them a specific contents for instance like theme,pages and menu depending the ProSite levels .

For example the Silver level’s menu is about me, join us & contact us etc….. and pages is 2,4,6.

Gold level’s menu is about feature, about company, join us and pages is 1,3,5.

P/s : The theme did not change it doesn’t matter(I can using default theme plug in to achieve it ) but the important thing is the contents ( menu and the pages ) ,I want Silver level have the specific Silver level’s contents and Gold level have the Gold level’s contents. How to determine which level should have which contents.