how will marketpress + 8plugins work with 600 multisites?


how will marketpress + 8plugins work with 600 multisites? will it be any problem with datbase or any plugins as "the blogging tempalte" plugin is something i should think of before i start?

  • DavidM
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    Hi Erik,

    That really would just be a matter of general Multisite functionality, MarketPress doesn't have any limits itself so far as the size of the Multisite network or database.

    I have to say though, using only 8 plugins or within that range is great and sounds like the makings of a very stable site. To get plugin usage that low generally requires a lot of customization of theme and plugin files.

    Once you get above 500+ sites though, you'll likely want to look into something like Multi-DB.

    It'll help the database to run more smoothly in that case. Have you looked into that one?


  • erikjohansson
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    thx david,

    does the multi-db be setup before all the sites? or can it be setup when i am getting close to 500 sites?

    i also read this "1-5,000 blogs/sites you should be fine with your WordPress default database" so with 800 sites i don't need multi db??

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