How would I re-create this website in WordPress?

Hi, I have a client who wants to update their entire website and possibly move it all from Joomla to WordPress:

What would the best combination of themes and plugins be for doing this? They want/need to keep all of the existing functionality but also improve:

– Membership levels (paid memberships to view certain content)

– Detailed donor profiles

– eCommerce/check out

– Community aspects (improving their blog and users’ feedback.. possibly adding a Q+A page)

I’m thinking of the following so far but would love to get your input!

– Directory

– Membership

– MarketPress

– BuddyPress (maybe?)

– BP Profile Search (?)

– Buddypress Xprofile Custom Fields Type (?)

Improving the search functionality is probably the most important thing at this point, so members can easily search/browse donors, using a pretty extensive list of variables (age, race, ethnicity, height, eyes, etc.)