How would you create a homework tracking list for a course?

Using posts for course materials, I'd like to embed a list of exercises or assignments for students with visibility to the student, the instructor, and the admin.

For example, the list might be something like this:
Lesson 7, Assignment 1
1. Write what you learned from this lesson below.
2. Check the checkbox below to indicate that you've had the assigned conversation with your buddy.
3. Which of these topics did you find most useful in this section? A. Topic 1, B. Topic 2, C. Topic 3.

I'd want this to be right on the page/post for the student.

Then, the instructor would be able to see a list of Course Lessons and Assignments and Students and be able to search/see/download the results so he could respond to the students with encouragement, reminders, etc.

The whole functionality would be a custom solution or Learning Management Solution (LMS), for sure.

However, is there anything that can be used to quickly demonstrate the status of users responding to a question on a given page or post that can be viewed from either the frontend or backend of WordPress without leaving that page or post, such as by creating a form?

Open to your suggestions.

Thanks very much!