Howdy, I got some help to make the submit button on my


I got some help to make the submit button on my homepage inline with the input fields of my gravity form. I just realized that this also moved the button on my contact page (button on contact page should be below last input field of contact form).

Not sure how to go about assigning a special class to the submit button, or form on the homepage so the contact page's submit button/form is not affected by the CSS code for the homepage form.


  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Casper,

    Hope you're doing well this weekend!

    Gravity forms is actually awesome for keeping the customizations separate between forms because they apply an ID to each form you create.

    So, I recall seeing the code that Tim supplied for you in a previous thread, I grabbed that and added another class to it so it shouldn't affect other gravity forms on your site:

    #gform_4 .gform_body{float:left !important;}
    #gform_4 .gform_wrapper .gform_footer{clear:none !important;}
    #gform_4 .gform_wrapper form {width: 580px;}

    Add the .gform_4 class to any other styles you added specific to that front page opt in.

    When I visited your staging site, it actually looked like Michelle's screenshot for me too. The button was in the correct place, but then the button on your home page was still below the form too, so maybe it's because of caching. I know wpengine has pretty strong server side caching.

    Hope that helps Casper!

    Have a great weekend and let us know if you need further assistance here.

    All the best,

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