Howdy, I just purchased your annual plan and have multiple


I just purchased your annual plan and have multiple questions. I own a small spa business in Korea. Please bear in mind that I am a bit technologically challenged.

1. To use the payment gateway your plugins support, would I need to have a bank in the US, Australia, etc.?

2. I really liked your appointment plugin from the video demo, and that's why I purchased your plan. However, there are certain features that are lacking. I wonder if you could modify it for us so that it includes the following features:

- Multiple customers' booking at the same time enabled, with one person paying for the whole party.
- In case of said multiple customers' booking, room assignment option (either Single or Double).
- Booking and paying on behalf of someone else as a gift (ie beneficiary's name(s) differs from payor's name).
- Cancelling ahead of 24 hours from the appointed time will receive full refund; cancelling within or no show will not receive any refund.
- 10% VAT added when paying.
- Automatic conversion of currency into KRW (from USD etc.).
- USD 10 bank charge added when paying in non-KRW currency (such as USD etc.).
- One coupons (KRW 30,000) per customer redeemable if the customer has any.
- 10% discount if the customer is purchasing over KRW 250,000 and he or she is from abroad.
- Availability should be based on the following: (i) treatment room availability, (ii) number of therapists available, and (iii) at our will.
- Electronic voucher that is transferable to another party (upon such transfer through our website, we will have the information on the new holder of the voucher in our system).
- A plugin that will automatically hunt the Internet for a blog or a review on us (through an automatic keyword search?) and bring it to our website.
- Multi language support.

3. Based on my feature requirements above, what would be the best Wordpress themes and plugins you would recommend? Also could you help making the required coding changes to fit into my business?

4. I am considering between three options for hosting: Amazon EC2, a Wordpress-optimized hosting plan and a plain hosting (much cheaper). Which one would you recommend? Could you help with setting up the MySQL, Apache, PHP, etc.?

Many thanks for your help in advance. I look forward to hearing from you.


SH Lee