HTML Email Plugin?

What happened to the HTML Email plugin? I've got it installed but it broke something and when I came to the forums to research my issue it's gone, completely. This is a feature I was looking forward to including in my site.


  • richcoy
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    Well what I downloaded from this site included a page in my admin panel where I could cut and paste header and footer html. Upon testing it it broke WP 3.0 and gave PHP errors, header already sent I think. I've uninstalled it and am back to normal.

  • dink
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    Broke mine as well. Even when I uninstall it, its still broken my site.

    Each time I save my options page with just plain text I first get HTML < p > and < br >

    then the next time it carries on adding more strange stuff and each time after that it continues until infinity and screws email notifications and First Posts, Pages and Comments up.

    I'd really appreciate it you can tell me how I can fix this asap because my subscription here ends in a day or two so will no longer be able to post.

    The last thing I want to do at the moment is trawl through everything to find out how to fix it or worse still rebuild my site because of this.


    Eaxmple below (added spaces as it was stripping them in this post)
    < p >& l t;p & g t; & l t;p & g t; & lt ;p & g t ;Dear Member, & l t ; / p & g t ; & l t ; b r / & g t ; & l t ; b r / & g t ; < b r / >
    & l t ; p & g t ; Your new SITE_NAME dinkyLite website has been successfully set up a
    t & l t ; / p & g t ; & l t ; b r / & g t ; & l t ; b r / & g t ; < b r / >
    & l t ; p & g t ; BLOG_URL & l t ; / p & g t ; & l t ; b r / & g t ; & l t ; b r / & g t ; < b r />
    & l t ; p & g t ; You can log in to the administrator account with the following information
    & l t ; / p & g t ; & l t ; b r / & g t ; & l t ; b r / & g t ; < b r / >

  • dink
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    I inistalled it in mu-plugins and removed all files it but unlike all other plugins it remains active. Obviously the only way it can do this is that it makes some core changes to the either the database or the wordpress files itself. This is what I need to know as I have to undo whatever changes it made in order to return things back to normal.

    If I replace all First Post, Comment, Page text etc and just replace it with a single word like hello in Super Admin/Options it encapsulates it with < p >hello < / p> when I save the the options page.

    If i press save again straight away it then changes that it to < p > & l t ; p & g t ; hello & l t ; / p & g t ; < / p> . If i continue to save it without doing anything else it just keeps adding more and more. (I've added spaces again to ensure you can see what its doing.

  • dink
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    Thanks Aaron but that didn't work either so deactivate all plugins and the problem disappeared.

    Seems like its TinyMCE Advanced thats causing the issue. More specifically when you tick the options that stops Wordpress from removing the <p>
    HTML statements.

    Out of interest and in your opinion are there any good alternatives to TinyMCE Advanced.

    thanks a mill once again.

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