HTML Email Template sends Raw HTML Code

HTML Email Template is sending raw HTML code instead of the templates. This is site specific as the other site is working fine. Both for CF7 and general WordPress emails.

A Plugin/Theme conflict test was done but didn’t solve it.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Gabe,

    I hope you’re well today!

    I checked your site and I noticed that since you chat with my colleague Nahid you have switched from Contact Form 7 to FS Contact form and that this is working fine. I have then tested registration emails and found out that these are still not using templates and sending codes.

    The issue here is SB Welcome Mail plugin settings. There are two options there that interfere with other plugins, you’ll find them on “Settings -> SB Welcome Email” page in your site’s back-end.

    The first one is “Send Email As” and it was set to “Plain” which means that the content encoding header for emails was set to “text/plain” – meaning no HTML processing at the receiver’s end.

    The second one is “Set Global Email Headers” which is currently set to “Yes”. I didn’t change it because I assumed you want your “from” settings from there to be applied to all your mains. However, that’s also transferring that content encoding header that I mentioned above.

    Therefore, I changed “Send Email As” to “HTML” but with “Set Global Email Headers” set to “Yes” there was one other change required in “HTML Email Templates” settings: enabling the “Modify HTML Emails” option.

    It seems now that both – contact form and registration/lost email notifications – are being sent as proper HTML, using template defined in HTML Email Templates.

    Best regards,


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