HTML Email templates and Zoho Mail for Wordpress

Hi, I have subscribed for a Zoho Mail premium account which unlocks the IMAP and SMTP features to connect with other web clients or web servers.
I have followed the guides to setup and use the Zoho Mail Wordpress, everything works good but HTML Email Templates now sends the entire HTML code instead of graphics.
I have turned off HTML Email Templates and all network emails works normally but if I turn on HTML Email Templates the email sent's to users are broken, the users view HTML code from the template, it's like the code isn't rendering when sent by Zoho Mail.

I don't know if it's a issue from Zoho plugin and i should report them, or if it's a issue from HTML Email Templates plugin.

Thank you

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Pedro

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I've setup myself a zoho account, installed the plugin on my test setup and run some tests on it. It looks like there are actually three aspects of the issue here:

    1. It seems that the Zoho Plugin by default follows WP's standard "Content-Type" that's set to "text/plain" so that's causing the HTML code to be displayed instead of a formatted message. Since HTML Email Templates plugin is adding HTML to WP messages, it's supposed to take care of that too but I'm not sure what method is Zoho plugin using to determine whether it should be html or plain text "Content-Type" - it seems to ignore that.

    We can additionally set WP to "force text/html" Content-Type (with a snippet of code like this: but that actually reveals further issues:

    2. With that code set, the message seems to be delivered without HTML code explicitly displayed. However, the "Content-Type" is still being set to "text/plain" in the end and...

    3. ... the entire HTML markup seems to be "stripped out" from the message body.

    Taking that into account, I think it's a Zoho issue. It looks to me like a) the plugin is setting "text/plain" content type anyway and b) it's clearing up the HTML markup (sort of "sanitizing" data) anyway. I wrote "plugin" but I think that might as well be happening not on "plugin end" but after the message is actually delivered to Zoho's service from where it goes to the end recipient (so it might be Zoho's API thing).

    That being said, I think it would be good to get in touch with them and ask them for some clarification on this: if the plugin is supposed to fully/transparently transfer HTML mails ("text/html" Content-Type) and if any additional settings are required either on plugin's or on account side. Additionally, if it is supposed to work "out of the box" that way - what would be their requirements ("code-wise") for any WP plugin to be "compatible".

    Would you please ask them and let me know about their reply?

    Best regards,

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