HTML Tags for Infographic-like site

Hello! I won’t frame this as a Divi question, but I suppose it bears mentioning that I work with Divi and Upfront for most of my work.

I am trying to design a website to look like a comic book. Here is darn near a perfect example of what I want it to look like:

The problem is, I want to embed the hyperlinks, and I don’t know a way to do this aside from the process at W3schools (for HTML area Tags), which I am rather unfamiliar with. Additionally, I am worried that this won’t transfer well over to mobile. Here is that reference:

So here’s my question. Is there a better way to go about this, such as creating an infographic at Pictochart (or comparable website) and inserting hyperlink areas (I assume you can do this) and then uploading that as some sort of smart image, or should I just muscle it through? Is there perhaps an easier way to do this in Divi or Upfront? Or is there a common-practice that I am just not aware of?

Note, that many of my hyperlinks will be diagonal, or possibly oddly sized. I had considered creating something similar to the first link I had provided, but I didn’t want an obscene loading time.

Thanks in advance!