Http To Https without Losing any seo value

We had to get a SSl cert on our site and we just beginners here so we wanted to find out if anyone can send us to a exact tutorial or give us a quick guideline for switching our site over. We have a ton of SEO we investing in for the Http site and would like to not lose it. I know that there is a way for us to forward those over to the Https and thought I would ask you guys for help. Thank you so much in advance.

We found this article: but wanted to make sure if there was anything else we need to do.

Also what server changes we need to do as well? Its all over the place on the net about using SPDY but our Apache server cant do that but can if we add litespeed. I read tho alot of plugins conflict with litespeed. errrr so much to do on this.

  • Jason
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    THANK YOU!!! so much that was a blazing fast response. Do you guys offer that plugin to help us with that or is it all in the article. I will read it today and see if there are any more questions. Thank you.

  • Jason
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    So I read through the article and it was great... going to forward that to my developer so he can follow those instructions. From a seo standpoint I am guessing I still need to go and change each link on every page on the site so it does not have to redirect or I would have a huge amount of redirects on the site?

    Also the images on all the pages should I just re upload and give them new urls or will that hurt the older ones in google rankings? Or just leave them on the pages?

    Also on the server side have you had success using Litespeed and SPDY with google to make the site faster or do you guys not deal with that part of it. I know there are some server side things that need to be set up as well but werent not mentioned in the article.

    thanks again.

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hey, Jason!

    You don't want to change any links you don't have to, redirection can be messy, but it's better if someone following an old external link to your site gets there, even by redirect, than if they get stuck in 404 purgatory.

    Your images are likely going to be easier to replace, however, than to redirect.

    I'm not super familiar with Litespeed or SPDY, I'm having pretty good luck keeping the speed on my production site with some lite caching, an offsite cron, and a CDN for images. Have you narrowed down why your site is slow? The best solution there is usually best determined by the specific issue. If images are taking forever, Smushing or optimizing might be all you need, or a CDN serving your images instead may be more effective. If you've got a lot of plugins that load scripts and unique stylesheets, a caching plugin with minify enabled may do the trick. (Minify doesn't play well with dynamic elements all the time, so it needs to be used with care.) Sometimes just providing object and browser caching is enough to dramatically increase your site speed.

    Another trick is to check on how frequently posts are being auto-saved and how many post revisions are stored at a time, check out our blog post, here:

    Just doing the above helped speed up my busiest site by a staggering amount.

    Hope this helps!

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