I am unable to login to my own admin user on my client's site. I have access via the GoDaddy (their host, on their own account) WP admin panel via: Logged in to my GoDaddy account, click my pro account, click on the clients account (which they have given me "Pro" access to under my own login), click on their WP hosting account = opens the with me logged in as my client's site admin. Under that, I had multiple issues and finally was able to instal WPMU dashboard. However, the dashboard thinks I'm "jvana" my client's admin username. And I don't want the client to access my WPMU DB. So I've reset my own admin PW twice from within the site (using my clients' admin account) and each time I copy and paste the new password and each time it tells me it doesn't match. I even created a new admin and tried to login, same error message.

I tried to contact WP, but can't find the right place. This is the actual WP admin login, but maybe it has to do with the GoDaddy setup (it's an actual WP hosting plan, so it should be preset properly).

Any ideas on what to do or where to start?