HTTPS - Helping hands from Expert to Expert needed

Hi WPMU-DEV Experts,

during installation of HTTPS from being totally logout of the site ... until 'nothing does go' anymore, now our provider is searching for help. Below request from Hosting Advanced Product Support

I am so sorry about what has happened to your site. One thing I would like you to do for us to try is to contact WPMU Dev to see if they may have the answer to this.

"We try to restore a backup of your site from last week. Upon the backup completing now the WordPress multisite is showing:

- page isn’t working
- redirected too many times.

We have attempted to clear cookies and cache. Contacting our TopTier Advanced Support and no one is able to figure out what happened. WordPress version is 4.6.1. Is it possible anyone has experience with this issue and can point me in the right direction to fix it?"

If you need login credentials, we would like to provide FTP credentials.

Thank you in advance.