https not working in subsites

I was looking at this article:

I got a wildcard and tried applying it to my main domain for my network. I thought I could use the domain mapping plugin to ensure all the other sites would be fine for https. The subsites still loads in http, not in https.

  • Huberson

    Hi There,
    Following up on your last conversation with Nithin, when you have a wild card SSL on a domain( for example), it covers your main domain and all sub-sites on that domain(, Which is the case on your network site.

    If you go to Caribbean sub-domain you'll notice the https, and it appears to be the same for forevernannies12 sub-domain because they're sub-domains of the main site where you have the wildcard.
    To have SSL on the mapped domain( you'll need to install a separate SSL certificate for it since it's not a sub-domain of netprofitdepot.

    Feel free to let us know if have any other issue or need any additional information.