https problem with domain mapping

i need some help please with domain mapping and https, my multisite main site is without https and i want a spesific site on the network to be mapped with https, i bought the ssl certificate and got it installed with the help of my server support, but they say what i want cannot be done. (and i know it is! :slight_smile: )
im using the latest version of domain mapping.

I made the domain point to the same root public_html with the use of symbolic link from private_html to public_html.
While as before the upgrade I would get "Apache is functioning normally" only if I add WWW to the domain in domain mapping, and index.html on the non-www.
Now I get it on both WWW and non-WWW version "Apache is functioning normally".

I think the way I originily setup my multisite configuration is wrong,
My server has 2 ips – 1 for the server and 1 for the multisite. Is this right?

the server support tell me that it cannot be done because I need a separate ip fot it..
Something about the ssl certificate cannot work on wildcard..

If you can, please, ask me any question and I will forward it to the server tech support.
Idan leibovitch