2015 by the numbers


the above link in my opinion has obviously been given a lot of time, effort, thought, appreciation, sincerity, expense etc.

in my own simple way here, i want to reply in an attempt to express two things.
1 - thanks for making such an EXTRAORDINARY & IMPRESSIVE way of expressing your appreciation to your members.
2 - thanks for just simply being bigger and better than the rest for your members with your products and services.


1 = I am subscribed to countless newsletters, on many WP product and service sites and NONE, NONE, NONE have yet to produce such a dedicated way of basically saying thanks to its members. I think that says a lot.

2 = again, it is very possible to eliminate many services/products/expenses by having one(1) single subscription to WPMUDEV. This in my opinion is proof of their comprehensive service and product offerings.

I personally am looking forward to UpFront - taking over the WP world !!! :slight_smile:
it is obviously a huge task.
and to put the icing in the cake, to integrate with all WPMUDEV plugins :slight_smile:

share your thoughts below ?
thanks again WPMUDEV !!!
MERRY CHRISTMAS to your entire team !!!