Needed features for the HUB 2.0

Need to be able to click wp-admin and have it login to the site without needing the password. ( Now that you have user roles this can be really hard to keep track of. PLEASE add this ASAP )

Need the option to edit users. Delete them, add new users or change account level all from the dashboard. (This really helps maintain security and control of each site)

Need option to set backups to a remote location all from the dashboard. This would be a HUGE time saver. I understand you want people to for your storage options but the prices are insane just for a quick comparison dropbox is 10$ a month for 2TB while yours cost 100$ a month for 1TB

Another really important option is for ALL plugins to be able to be installed from the dashboard; this is a huge time saver. You should be able to upload one plugin and install that plugin on all your sites right from the HUB

I want to say that I really love the direction wpmudev has been going lately and if you implement all these updates I will be a raving fan even more so <3