Team Members Access and Activity Feed

As I'm building the team for my agency, I'd like to be able to give permissions for team members to join my wpmudev account and help with maintenance, reports, etc... Best case scenario I could even see an activity feed.


  • James Farmer

    Hey Ryan unfortunately Ash hasn't given the best response here.

    We're actually (hopefully) about halfway through a complete redesign of the hub to provide for managing way more sites more effectively - part of this is a full activity feed and yudy
    can fill us in there.

    Right now for 2.0 we're not looking at 'seats' (you can just share one account - I know this makes feeds useless though, sorry) but it's definitely on our radar... possibly early next year.

    Thx for the feedback.

    • Tony G

      James Farmer wrote:

      We're actually (hopefully) about halfway through a complete redesign of the hub to provide for managing way more sites more effectively
      Wow, I recently suggested that but didn't think you'd actually do it. :laughing:

      It's great to know that The Hub is going through this natural process of evolution. I know that kind of thing can be costly, and hope you will recover the investment with new reviews, testimonials from us here, and new memberships that follow.

      I do strongly encourage you to partner with the member base. Your alpha/beta process has been successful with other initiatives and I believe a similar process should help to guide The Hub v2 toward wider acceptance.

      Best of luck to you and the team in this endeavour.

  • Ryan

    That's great. I think you're in the perfect position to serve small to large agencies.

    For now, and into the updates you see coming... do you have any suggestions for how a small agency could use the hub to manage dozens of sites?

    Here's how I'll use it now:

    My team will not use wpmudev, but will instead access each individual site with their own WordPress user accounts. They can use the wpmudev plugins on the sites for optimization, etc... and I can use the hub as the agency owner to monitor everything and make sure everything works.

    I’d love to know more if you see hub as a tool for agencies.


  • James Farmer

    Probably right now I'd suggest just sharing your login for the Hub, lol, #professional :wink:

    We actually have a bunch of people successfully managing 100+ sites using the Hub, but obviously you won't get the granular logs that you'd want when it comes to managing an agency.

    Your solution sounds pretty good for the moment. You'll also be happy to hear that next year you should expect 'recipes' both of plugin / theme packs and also configurations so you can effectively roll out your preferred fundamental settings (e.g. turn on super smush, smush all images, use the Hummingbird CDN, set up 2FA using Defender etc.) across as many existing sites as you like or apply them to new sites.

    Not that I'd want to make any of your developers redundant, but we'd certainly like to make it so that an individual can easily manage a couple of hundred sites :slight_smile:

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