[Hub] Automate is not updating plugins on my site

I’ve enabled Automate and set it up to run at 5am while it was 4am and I didn't get any report or update after 5am, so then I've changed it to run at 7am and have not any result yet (now it’s 3pm).

As you can see on the screenshots, I have currently 3 plugins that need to be updated.

  • Dimitris

    Hey there,

    hope you're doing good today! :slight_smile:

    I just went ahead in your website and noticed that there's no pending update.
    Also our Automate logs showing that there were some updates yesterday:

    ----- Running automate: 2018-03-24 23:12:50 http://www.rez-****-stage13.com/ (840454) -----
    Available plugin updates: 5 (910520, ajax-search-lite/ajax-search-lite.php, meta-box/meta-box.php, photo-gallery/photo-gallery.php, wpsso/wpsso.php)
    Available theme updates: 1 (dt-the7)

    All of these have been updated successfully and also an email notification for Automate has been sent.

    Warm regards,

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