[HUB] Favorite Plugins from WordPress.org

I just had a random idea...

Ya know what'd be cool? It'd be really awesome if you could see a list of our "favorite" plugins from WordPress.org, here within our own HUBs.

You know what'd be even more awesome? If we had the same 1-click install capabilities of those plugins from our Dashboard as we do with the WPMU plugins :smiley:

And not for nothing, but if WPMU threw in a small disclaimer, stating something like "We count your favorite plugins from WordPress.org to help understand how *YOU* most use WordPress, and your specific needs. By aggregating your "favorite" plugins, we can better customize our plugins and WPMU for each and every one of you."

...just a thought :wink:

  • Tony G

    I think I or someone else suggested this last year. It doesn't even need to be favorites. It would be nice if we could just install what we want into any Hub site, and then, still in the Hub, in the plugins section for any site get a dropdown to install options to show all of the plugins in a selected site. To be clear: Install plugins in aaa.tld, go to bbb.tld, and select aaa.tld as a template for plugins to install. It won't install all of the plugins by default, just show all of the plugins from aaa.tld, and pre-check them for a mass install. We should be able to uncheck items - like "don't install MarketPress here because I already have WooCommerce".

    For WPMU DEV: The WP.org API does not define end-points for profile data. However, there is an end-point to get Favorites from any profile. So if you want to approach this as splaquet describes, it's possible for you to pull that Favorite data from WP.org into the Hub.

    • Tony G

      James Farmer wrote:

      this would be an excellent experiment / interesting possible way for members to inadvertantly help each other find great plugins

      I can't find prior references to that suggestion but I know I've seen it (or posted it). (Ref numerous notes on searchability in these forums.) I have also suggested that there is other data that can (with authorization) be imported into the Hub and shared collaboratively for the good of all. For example, IPs that are banned by Defender, or block words/patterns against user IDs or email addresses. I don't know how many people really use the Favourite feature in WP.org. I think a better metric would be the plugins that people actually have installed. By definition if more than 25% or so of my sites in the Hub have the same plugin or theme, I think it could be considered a favorite. Conversely, if I give a plugin a 1 star rating but I still have it installed in some sites, then perhaps it's not really a favorite but just a plugin that I need to use. There is a lot of explicit data out there that we can use. And there is implicit data that we can use ... judiciously. Right now unfortunately none of these opportunities are being tapped. One of the key values of WPMU DEV is in its reach to a broad audience. You're not capitalizing on some of that unique value-add which you possess.

      This concept of having favorite plugins in the Hub was brought up in 2017 by narasopa :

      I’d like the ability to install any plugin – from the wordpress repository as well as yours, and to be able to ‘favorite’ and even group plugins. Let’s say there are 10 plugins I ALWAYS start a site with, would love to be able to just add them. Or, I find the best new comment spam blocker and want to instal it on all 100 of my client sites, and wpmudev didn’t write it..

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