HUB: Filter for specific notifications

Hi Heros and WPMUDEV Devs

Sorry to say that but it is pretty annoying in a development phase of a site to get constantly the notifications of the site up site down site up site down - often 20 - 30 messages and more depending on how many domains are in one multidomain. Besides that, all Blog Posts, all Problems from members or anything else which gets mentioned in those notifications vanishes away in that flood of messages.

Therefore it would be great to have a simple filter in that drop down on to which puts all site-related up and down messages in one tab
and all other blog post related stuff in a second tab
and perhaps a third one where other messages i.e. from accounting or people who listed jobs/posts etc will get listed.

It is not very useful to have to scroll down and search constantly if in-between all those up and down messages also another message got stored.


Kind regards