[Hub] Free WPMUDEV Account for All

Just received an email from WPMUDEV that all of the WordPress users are not familiar with WPMUDEV this may be the cause and here is one suggestion I will feel glad if you guys can implement it. Since some of the plugins of WPMUEV are available in WordPress repo for free why not make another WPMUDEV account tier (one free & one premium) which will not get WPMUEV support and other premium features but can get access to the hub (with free stuffs and plugins) and other WPMUDEV places like community, Blog, JOBS&Pros etc. with their free account. When they start to love WPMUDEV or make some money on their website they will then start to signup for a Premium account this will gather more Users and WPMUDEV will get more benefits. Look the Companies who give free accounts like hubspot etc. they get more benifits people prefer free things first sure, WPMUDEV also gives a free 30 days trail but if someone is new or a student like me they themselves donot have money so, they will leave after 30days of experience but if WPMUDEV downgraded their account to free after 30days then they could have contributed to translations and may have bought someof their freiends and peoples who they know to WPMUDEV. Think on it!