[Hub] Hub plugin updates

When updating apps from the hub, it would be good to have a button to update all of the apps in a site rather than all sites.

  • Nithin
    • Support Wizard

    Hi Jay,

    Could you please explain further about the feature? Once the "Update Everything" button is clicked, the popup model does allow you to select which websites could be selected, or deselected for the updates to run.

    Doesn't that help much? To update any specific plugins, I'm afraid it would require manually clicking on Update button for each site in the Hub.

    Please do advise the exact feature you are looking forward so that I could bring into our team's attention to see what further improvements regarding the workflow could be included in the Hub.



  • Jay
    • New Recruit

    It’s almost right. The issue is I have a couple of hundred sites and update everything defaults to all plugins for all sites. I just want to select one site and update all plugin only within that site. Unchecking all the other sites would be painful!

  • yudy
    • UI Designer

    Hi Jay ,

    Thanks for the feature requests.

    We have cover that in the Hub 2.0 design. All you need to do is simply uncheck global all your websites and select the one website that you'd like to "update all".

    In additional to that too, in Hub 2.0 we will have the update all function for just a specific plugin or theme.

    Please see the attachments files.



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