Hub links funky display or not working at all

I've been using the hub here

And I am trying to view issues on a site-by-site basis. it's not displaying properly in Safari, and the links aren't even functioning in Chrome or Firefox either (both latest builds, Mac OSX 10.12.4). Cache dumped totally new browsers and same thing again over and over. Safari at least lets the link work once I reload the page.

Specifically: Looking at issues under the SEO tab, in Safari latest build, I can click on "REcommendation" or "View" or other links, but ithe text is all f'd up. Other times the link doesn't work at all and I'm forced to reload to get it to work again. Then I click on it and it's just a janky mess. See screenshot.

In Firefox, the links don't work at all. No reaction at all, even after reloading page. Cache was dumped and still the same.

Chrome, same thing.

This happens on other Macs as well.