[HUB - UPTIME-CHECK] Avoid False Negatives by Advanced Uptime-Checks like...

Some days ago I canceled one domain at my webhoster and they are showing some kind of standard-message for visitors at the moment ("This domain is registered at..."). Uptime-monitor kept letting me think, that my website is up and running. I received lots of False Positives for that domain before, and now: False Negatives :slight_frown:

A reliable Uptime-Check for my clients websites should do a much better job here, IMHO. How about professional features like check for Visual Changes (similar to Automate), Keyword-Checks, Checks from multiple locations, Advanced Notifications (like "alert once (or every x minutes) if down for y minutes") or Maintenance windows.

Like that i could offer something to my clients, that really provides great value and let's me sleep much better.