[HUB::My Websites] Search/Find Instances (of Plugin or Theme)

As I browse through my 100+ sites listed on the HUB > My Websites, I'm realizing how many of the older ones have X plugin or Y theme installed on them.

Sometimes I want to check the version, sometimes I wanted to uninstall... but any way I slice it, having to go through each one can be a real time consuming process.

It'd be a real time saver if there was some type of Search available, that'd search through Plugins, Themes and/or Both. ...yeah, that'd be a real time saver!

Long story short, the plugins that I used back when I started my journey with WPMU are far from the plugins of choice that I'm currently using. Some are the same, but some make me cringe when I stumble upon them.

Anyhow... just throwing out my .02 :wink: