Huge improvement but still not right yet…

Hi Support Team,

meanwhile we could achieve to eliminate our db access problem which solved by 98% of all troubles we experienced since beginning (cross finger that will last :grinning:.

However, meanwhile we are also able to transfer all NEW added user AND all their assigned roles to each sub domain too.

BUT not any off the avatars… which is our current issue. Please be so kind help us out to get this problem sorted.

Support access is granted.

Big thank you in advance.


  • Klaus
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hey Jude

    thanks for prompt reply. Please help to understand your answer…

    … when to upload? While registering a new membership or only?

    … If not done during register form, the alternative would be at ‘update buddypress profile’.

    If one has uploaded its profile photo…

    does it mean her/his avatar is seen then on all sub domain then?

    … what about features like who is online? Are visitors (not registered as member) shown with that grey empty body figure?

    … who has seen my profile? what will be shown in this widget… if there are e.g. actually 500 visitor at the site but currently only 15 member?

    Looking forward to here from you again.



  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Hey again Prinz.

    I was looking into the other thread and forgot about this one. I just saw your reply, with BuddyPress when you move BP site to a secondary site, the upload path to your BuddyPress avatars will change. This means your avatars will be lost.

    To have your old BuddyPress user and group avatars linked from their old location, add the following lines to your bp-custom.php file:


    For detailed instructions and example see this topic. Also check if you did other things mentioned there as its very important

    Sorry about the delay. Thanks for being our much valued member !!


  • Klaus
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hello Jude,

    first, thanks for the changes you did to our application. Whatever it was… since then the sites run so much smoothier… simply it’s absolutely AWESOME.

    Regards your suggestion adding bp-custom.php code. Sorry this does not work.

    First, it eliminates existing profile photos… uploading new photos causes trouble while uploading and after working around that hassle, new profile photo is not displayed.

    Secondly getting Avatars displayed is still impossible.

    As this support request obviously relates also to our other issue regards protected content, I close this request as solved and continue with the other one.

    Would be so fabulous if you are able to respond to the additional reply we made there as soon as possible.



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