Humanitary dev help/idea request

Hi all.

I have been asked to set up a little thing but I am not really able to do it my self alone.

Background :


Since civil war in Cote d’ivoire, the country left the African union, and there is no more possibility to send money from this country.

We have here in morocco more that 10.000 african students left without anything. The ambassy does not pay the student help anymore, and all those guys are totally left alone with no possibility to pay their house or school, or even eat correctly. Several institutions are helping (Mac Do, Mohamed VI fundation…:wink:

Demand :


To help them, I have been asked to set up a “resume index”, to help them find a job/stage and promote their resume on the site of the MJE ( just opened.

I have explored the net or several plugins but not convinced (connections, wp resume (this one is good but for individual blogs).

Can it be built with directory ? (sorry but directory is totally esoteric for me :s )

The purpose is to pubilsh their resume, categorized, eventually with a PDF file attached.

I would appreciate any idea, tip or help.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: