Hey Guys,

I am tweaking my last changes for launch and a new error with Hummingbird has been noticed.

Some of my POSTS & PAGES do the same thing, here is an example in the screenshots (adress bar).
Its first loading the Post or Page as shown in the pictures but then after 10seconds
it reloads itself to my blank page. Saying its a cache issue and js at the end.

Which part of Hummingbird is causing this?

I have been tweaking it for weeks now to get the scores up and dont want to clear everything unless I have to, if I can find out how to reset the section causing this it would be great.


  • Vaughan

    Hi Mr Right Now

    Hope you're well?

    My guess would be that some of the Jquery that you have moved to the footer, is causing it to break, as there may be scripts that are now calling jquery before jQuery has actually been loaded.

    I would keep jQuery.js & jquery.migrate files in the header, to make sure they are definitely loaded. Despite those being listed as render blocking scripts. It's unavoidable.

    The same with parent/child theme style.css (I tend to keep those in the header too & uncombined), the problem with combining and moving style.css to the footer, is it can change the load order of the stylesheets, and thus overrides and priority in CSS can change. This means any custom CSS you do, you will need to make it more targetive & specific.

    ie. rather than probably doing

    .classname1 {
    display: block;

    You may need to target the div itself, or it's parent element so something like (something more specific and targetted)

    .parent-class-name div.classname1 {
    display: block;

    Nobody will get 100% score and keep a site that works perfectly. But a score above 80% is pretty good anyway.

    Also to note on minification, if a js or css filename has .min. in the filename, then it is already minimised, so pointless selecting to minimize again (in fact it's best not to select to minify those as it means an extra process in trying to minimize in the 1st place when it's already a minimized file)

    Hope this helps

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