Hummimgbird not working with Divi Visual Editor

Hi When Divi released their new Divi front end editor sevaral weeks ago, it di not work on my site. Elegant Themes support (Dustin Falgout) narrowed it down to a conflict with Hummingbird and entered into a dialogue with WPMU developers o resolve. So all of the background evidence should already be in the hands of WPMU.

The outcome of this was the update to Hummingbird that you released some weeks ago.
I installed the update and retested. Some of the main issues had been resolved but there were still some residual issues which made teh front end editor unusable on my site.

So I re-raised the issue with ET. They said that they had informed WPMU of the new issues, but theer has been no feedback from WPMU support to them. See ET latest response below

I apologize for the delay. We're extremely busy with prepping the Divi Builder Plugin's update for release right now. While we certainly would like for our products to be fully compatible with Hummingbird, it is but one of many items on our todo list and TBH its a low-priority at this time. But, like I said, we do want to resolve any remaining issues. It will simply take some time as it must be prioritized among all of our pending tasks.

I took another look at the issues you're having today and there are some inconsistencies related to the Hummingbird plugin that are beyond the scope of what we can support. The plugin doesn't seem to be functioning properly on your website. It works fine on our test server. I still notice a javascript error on the Hummingbird Dashboard page which has to be related IMO. Also, when I try to get Hummingbird to rescan the css stylesheets and scripts it doesn't work. It simply reloads the same page instead of running the scan. Furthermore, on the frontend of your site, all the minified scripts and styles are returning 404 errors. Could you contact wpmudev support regarding those issues? Before we can work towards resolving any further compatibility issues we need to have the plugin working properly on your site. Thanks.

Best Regards,

This earlier post explains the new issues:

I have updates Hummingbird as requested, and checked teh Visual Builder as a result.

There are still formatting problems in the Visual Builder, but different from previously.

The Head section is all wrong
The H1,H2 H3 H4 have lost different elements of formatting
Body text looks better
There are still padding and margin problems, but not as severe.

There could be other problems but I did not investigate everything

I am now really getting very alarmed about the lenght of time this is all taking to resolve. This issue has been going on since early Sept.

Can you please respond, either to me, or to Dustin at ET, or preferablt both.

  • Paul Yates

    If you read what I said, yes there was aninitial problem where WPMU provided a DIVI fix.
    I tested that, and although some of the problems were fixed others wer'e not
    So I raised another ticket with Divi (Dustin Falgout) and he said that hew sent this new information to you, but as far as I amaware did not receive any response from WPMU.
    I am only repeating my initial post
    So please pass to your developer

  • Sajid

    Hello Paul Yates,
    Hope you are doing good today

    I am sorry for long delay on this ticket. The developer said that this issue were fixed when we discussed last time with ET.

    I could not replicate this issue on my own test site while Hummingbird minification enabled. The visual builder is working just fine for me.

    I also created a new page on our website for testing with Divi frontend visual builder while minification is enabled and every thing works there too (I deleted that page afterwards).

    Could you please tell me what exactly is not working your website so I could try to replicate and fix this issue ? A screenshot or screencast with steps will really be helpful to sort this out quickly.

    Take care and have a nice day

    Best Regards,

  • Paul Yates

    Yes ET support told m that in collaboration with yourselves teh issue was fixed.

    But when I tested this I discovered there were still issues, though not the ame.

    He then told me that he had emailed you to tell of the new issues.

    It seems he lied to me about contacting you.

    I sent him all of the evidence, but here it is again:

    The first attachment shows the normal layout of this screen - as it appear to the public

    The second attachment shows how the header changed entirely once you go into Visual Builder. (you have to grag the page down so that the header disspaers and then back up again for this to occur.

    There are other inconsitencies with padding and margins not working, but I suspect this might be ET's responsibilty. But they definitely told me that the header problem was down to Hummingbird conflict

  • Rupok

    Hi Paul Yates,

    I sent him all of the evidence, but here it is again:

    Can you please ask him to contact us through our secure contact form on this page?

    Please ask him to write that email in the following format:

    Subject: "Attn: Rupok"
    - Link back to this thread for reference
    - Message

    And select "I have a different question" from the dropdown in the contact form. This and the subject line ensure that it gets assigned to me.

    I'll forward his message to our developer as soon as I get that.

    As Sajid said above, our developers work round the clock and they have to deal with lots of critical issues and other things. So it may take a little while for them to check this and provide a feedback.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

  • Rupok

    Hi Paul,

    I'm just following up, is there any update from the ET support regarding the issue? I've got your email and I think there is a little miscommunication. In your email, you said "I have alreday provided WMPU with al of the information and evidence about this issue, but have been asked to duplicate everything that I have told them, via this new email". I'm so sorry if you understood it in this way, but we didn't request you to write over the whole issue again in email. We requested you to ping the ET Support guy who told you that he would ping us. We need this because you have already told us what the issue is, but he can tell us why this issue is happening, or with which portion of his theme coding is conflicting with Hummingbird. That's why we requested you to ask him to contact us with full technical details so we can work on fixing this. We have been waiting for couple of days but I've not got anything from ET support yet in my mailbox. So I'm following up. I request you not to be upset with us and understand the situation.

    I'm looking forward to hearing from him and will forward his technical details to our developer as soon as I get that.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

  • Paul Yates

    I have not contacted ET in response to any respone from WPMU. This is because you have not asked me to so.

    I have contacted them about the problem, and got the same brush off from them as I did from wpmu, i.e very busy and will address when time permits.

    It seems to me that the mor difficult an issus is to resolve all you suppliers do is spend less and less time on resolving it.

    By the way, is there an easy way to access "my Tickets" in wpmu, as every time I try to find them, I can only get a listing through my profile, which is verytime consuming and unhelpful

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Paul,

    I have not contacted ET in response to any respone from WPMU. This is because you have not asked me to so.

    I'm sorry for creating confusion on our side - here we should clearly refer to Dustin instead of "contact him".

    Would you mind allowing support access to your site so we can have a closer look at this? I want to check those JS errors ET developer is referring to.
    To enable support access you can follow this guide here:

    Edit: sorry I missed your question about accessing support tickets.

    Whole list can be found in Support section of HUB
    Also if you go to your profile in HUB - under it there is Activity list - it shows where you commented last time - so you can find there threads that are active.
    Your support tickets are also shown in the WPMU DEV Dashboard in Support - it should show few recent ones.

    kind regards,

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Paul,

    Thank you for the access - I'm testing your site now and I'm not able to see any of those errors that were described by ET developer - also I was able to recheck files in Hummingbird Minification.

    I confirmed issue you showed us on screens - that h1 header does not look the same in builder and on front end.
    Those issues are usually created by minification in Humminingbird, so I disabled it on your main site. Then I purged cache in siteground cache and browser cache. And that haven't change look of the website in Divi builder. Paddings are still off and icon is still too big. For now I will leave minification disabled so you can check on your side that issue is still there - so that feature is not culprit here.

    I would like also to check if any other feature in Hummingbird is causing this issue - but I would need to disable whole plugin. Can I do that?

    kind regards,

  • Nithin

    Hi Paul Yates,

    Hope you are doing good today.


    I'm not sure, how the minification got enabled. I checked this with Kasia, and she was able to confirm it was enabled when she logged in, and she had to disable in order to make this work. I'm not sure though, but I suppose, maybe the ET developer enabled it while testing?

    Secondly, the problem with the header has gone away - It is possible that it was fixed in a recent massive patch of divi,, If so they did not bother to inform me.

    I could see that the header issue has gone away, and it's working fine. I'm not sure whether it's a patch provided by Divi that made it work, you'll have to check the themes changelog to confirm that. Since it's a premium, I wasn't able to find the changelog.

    However, I was able to notice that, there is a difference in font size when compared with the front end, and when the Divi editor is enabled. I disabled the Hummingbird plugin, and cleared the cache, and still I was able to find that difference, so I can confirm the issue is not related to Hummingbird. This could be either related to any of your plugins other than Hummingbird, or maybe it's how the Visual editor behaves by default.

    Form the screenshot, you can notice that the text So you are about to.... is 4 lines in the frontend, inside the Divi editor it's only 3 lines. The screenshot is taken when Hummingbird is disabled, and I could find the same result, when Hummingbird is enabled.

    If you think that is an issue, please disable all the plugins, and check whether you are still getting the same result, if that doesn't help, you'll have to get in touch with Divi Support forum, as this could be a theme specific issue.

    I hope this helps. Please advise if I had missed out anything, so that we could give a closer look. Have a nice day.

    Kind Regards,