Hummingbird with CloudFlare – easy and safe to setup?

Hi there,

I am ready to launch a client’s website tomorrow. The site urgently needs some performance boost and I was hoping that Cloudflare can help beyond the server configuration and site optimization that I am working on.

How good does Cloudflare work with Hummingbird? Is it reliable and safe? Could I run into error message along the way, broken links or even a website that is not working when I use Cloudflare?

How long does it take to setup? Can it be done in one day?

I have 0 experience with it and I think it is natural for me to be skeptical and of course cautious.

Warm regards from Bali,


  • Nastia
    • Support Rock Star

    Hello, Sebastian, I hope all is well!

    Thank you for your question!

    Cloudflare works well with the Hummingbird plugin. It is built to detect and take full advantage of CloudFlare services. And yes, it is perfectly safe!

    How long does it take to setup? Can it be done in one day?

    It is very easy to setup CloudFlare on Hummingbird, it will take a few minutes. Once you activate the Hummingbird plugin, go from your dashboard to Hummingbird menu, locate the CloudFlare section and fill in CloudFlare email and API key (the global one in “My Settings” on CloudFlare).

    After you log in, you will be able to enable and disable CloudFlare from the same panel, allowing you to test to see how well it helps your site.

    For more information please read this blog post:

    I want to add, if you have any issues, you can always clear every Hummingbird settings and start from the beginning.

    If you have any further questions, feel free to post it here.



  • Sebastian
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi Nastia, hi Ryan,

    thanks to both of you for replying to my question!

    I am really excited about trying Cloudflare but I am afraid that for the current site I am working on it won’t be a real option. We are using a custom SSL certificate from RapidSSL and I read about Cloudflare, that when using a free account, it won’t be possible that Windows XP users will be able to access the pages protected with such an SSL certificate. Only Firefox theme to bridge the gap by using its internal encryption vs. Chrome and IE using the Windows internal “mechanisms”. I know this is a very simplified explanation.

    Can you confirm that it won’t be possible for us to use SSL (RapidSSL at Wpengine), Ryan?

    So if we want to secure our site with a custom SSL certificate, we will have to signup for a business account with Cloudflare ($200/month)?

    Warm regards,


  • Ryan
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hi Sebastian,

    You are correct that you can’t currently bring your own custom SSL certificate unless you are on a BIZ (or ENT) plan. However, we are working on solutions that would allow you to secure a dedicated certificate through us without having to upgrade to BIZ. I may even be able to find some slots open in our upcoming beta if anyone is interested.


    P.S. – You may want to correct the typo in the title of the opening post, in case people are searching for “Hummingbird” and not “Humminbird” :slight_smile:

  • Sebastian
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hey Ryan,

    thank you so much for your response.

    I would definitely be interested in beta testing the upcoming Cloudflare options with ssl feature for custom certificates. You could email me to sebastian [dot] schimpf [at]

    And unfortunately I can’t find a way to edit the original post title, otherwise I would fix the typo! :wink:

    Maybe the forum moderator can do it??

  • Sajid
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hi Sebastian and Ryan,

    Hope you guys are doing good today!

    I am glad to know the issue is fixed. I am marking this thread as resolved. Feel free to post a reply and mark it as not resolved if you need further assistance.

    I have also fixed the typing error in the title too :wink:

    Take care and have a nice day ahead!

    Best Regards,


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